ASUS announces the ROG Strix, TUF Gaming and Dual AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics card series

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The AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT and RX 6800 series graphics cards have captivated high-end gaming enthusiasts since their launch, and asus has built its power with several custom designs unleashed that offer exceptional performance, acoustics and overclocking potential. 

Now we're bringing the same features to mainstream gamers with in-house designs of the radeon rx 6700 xt graphics cards. Whether you want the uncompromising performance and cooling of the rog strix, the long-lasting and reliable performance of tuf gaming or the compatibility and flexibility of our dual cooler, there is an asus radeon rx 6700 xt graphics card that is perfect for any pc is tailored.

The rog strix radeon rx 6700 xt inspires with style and performance
the rog strix radeon rx 6700 xt graphics card impresses with its extroverted style that combines all of our latest innovations for air-cooled graphics cards. We start with a massive triple-slot heat sink that uses a dense arrangement of fins that are criss-crossed with seven heat pipes for high heat dissipation potential. Heat sink and gpu meet on a contact surface that has been processed with our maxcontact process for an enlarged surface and better heat transfer from the gpu.

Three fans with our latest axial-tech design push plenty of air through the heat sink with low noise for a cool and quiet gpu. We've carefully considered the role of each individual fan in the overall cooling design, refining their locking rings and the number of fan blades for optimal air distribution through each part of the heat sink. A short circuit board creates additional space for hot air, which passes through a recess in the backplate directly into the airflow of the housing, which improves the overall system temperatures. A pair of our exclusive fanconnect ii headers allow gamers to couple the case fan speed directly to the gpu temperatures to increase airflow when the system needs it most.

The rog strix radeon rx 6700 xt graphics card is equipped with an unmistakable design as standard: a black and gray color palette with metallic accents shows the world that you belong to the rog and fits seamlessly into complex housing lighting schemes. The rog strix card also has an eye-catching, full-length addressable rgb led strip on the left edge that is compatible with aura sync and creates an impressive light show that can be easily coordinated with compatible peripherals. As a finishing touch, the continuous metal backplate not only looks good, but also minimizes bending of the board in conjunction with a large stiffening frame when the graphics card is installed in the system.

the tuf gaming radeon rx 6700 xt impresses with its smoothness
the tuf gaming radeon rx 6700 xt graphics card exudes an unobtrusive elegance with its new industrial design. The triple-slot heatsink sits between a solid-color, brushed aluminum cover and a full-surface backplate, both of which are printed with subtle tuf gaming graphics to show your preference for exceptional performance. A tuf gaming logo illuminated with aura rgb gives the system the finishing touches; however, the leds can also be switched off completely for an inconspicuous system.

The style of the tuf gaming radeon rx 6700 xt may be inconspicuous, but its clock speeds, operating temperatures and low noise levels make a strong impression: three counter-rotating fans, built with our latest axial-tech design, move more air through the massive 2 , 9-slot heat sink at a tuned speed for better performance without increased noise. Different fan blades between the central and outer fans optimize the airflow for each zone of the heat sink to keep the temperature of each component where it should be. A large recess in the backplate in front of the short custom board allows more warm air to enter the natural airflow of the case and thus ensures an even better cooling performance.

This card is designed in such a way that it can withstand anything that affects it during long gaming sessions. The auto-extreme assembly technology, which is used in our entire product range, places and brazes the components precisely and without human intervention in order to increase reliability and processing quality. A 144-hour test process and extra rugged capacitors provide immediate reliability and long life, and a reinforcement frame minimizes flexing of the board when the card is installed in the system.

the asus dual radeon rx 6700 xt offers high performance in a simple design
the asus dual radeon rx 6700 xt features the latest amd rnda 2 architecture in its purest form, combining performance and simplicity like no other. The dual uses advanced cooling technologies derived from flagship graphics cards and relies on substance over style - the perfect choice for a balanced system.

The cooling performance of the dual radeon rx 6700 xt begins with a pair of fans that are equipped with our proven axial-tech design. Your focused airflow moves through a 2.7-slot heat sink that's surrounded by a black and white cover with a subtle led accent for an eye-catching style. The fans can be switched off while idling in order to keep the system noise as inconspicuous as possible during low load.

A full aluminum backplate with subtle graphic embossing and a polished stainless steel mounting bracket make this card look good from every angle, while our auto-extreme assembly process and 144-hour validation process ensure that it reliably keeps the pixels moving.

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