ARCTIC Offers New Alpine 17 Coolers

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A pair of small air coolers made specifically for the Intel LGA1700 socket ARCTIC's newest Alpine coolers provide a cheap solution for those wishing to cool their Alder Lake CPUs. The Alpine 12 series successors retain the original radial heatsink design but are optimized for the LGA1700 socket.

The cooler's Y-shaped fin ensures optimal heat distribution in the heatsink, while heat dissipation is significantly enhanced by the Alpine 17's large surface area and high airflow rate. With a low installation height of only 68.2 mm, the Alpine 17 and Alpine 17 CO are ideal choices for most all-in-one systems as well as small cases (Mini-ITX, µATX etc.).

No mounting kits are necessary to install the Alpine 17 and Alpine 17 CO. Indeed, no tools of any kind are needed: the coolers come with pre-applied MX-4 thermal paste and pre-mounted push pins, making installation an effortless process -even for beginners. Its 92 mm fan can be controlled via PWM. With its wide speed range, the fan guarantees flexibility of use and balanced, efficient cooling performance.

For Continuous Operation: Alpine 17 CO
The CO variant packs an even stronger punch: the Alpine 17 CO's higher RPM brings with it a higher cooling performance. Specifically designed for continuous operation, the Alpine 17 CO's high-precision dual ball bearing allows the cooler to last up to five times longer than coolers with standard bearings.

Pricing and Availability
Each new Alpine cooler comes with a 6-year warranty. The coolers are available from today in the webshop, on and in stores. The Alpine 17 has an MSRP of 13,99€; the Alpine 17 CO, 14,99€.

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