Aqua Computer launches Cuplex Kryos NEXT sTRX4 FC Water Blocks

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Aqua Computer, the German specialist for water cooled systems, introduces a new CPU water block for the AMD socket sTRX4: the cuplex kryos NEXT sTRX4 FC.

The new cooler is manufactured directly at Aqua Computer in Germany. A solid nickel-plated copper base offers an extremely large microstructure with a surface area of 51x45 mm - the largest ever manufactured for a CPU cooler at Aqua Computer. This microstructure is CNC machined in an extensive CNC production process to a structure size of less than 200 ┬Ám.

The cooler is offered by Aqua Computer in three versions, whereby the cooling performance is identical and only the housing of the cooler is different.

The most economical variant is based on a housing made of black acetal. Additionally, Aqua Computer offers a model with integrated digital LED lighting. For this cooler, the housing is made of Plexiglas and is framed by a black anodized aluminum frame.

The third version integrates a VISION OLED display and RGBpx lighting. Both are controlled via USB with the well-known aquasuite software. The cooler also has an integrated temperature sensor. Unfortunately, this model is not yet available at the launch and will become available in July.

Prices start at 79.90 Euro for the Acetal version; the model with a Plexiglas and the aluminum frame is offered for 109.90 Euro. Both variants are available as of now.
The VISION and RGBpx variant that will appear later will cost 139.90 Euro.

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