Apple M2 CPU-Z Single Thread Benchmark Score Matches Intel Alder Lake

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In a test that actually counts, Windows 11 ARM was run on an M2-powered MacBook through a virtual machine. Despite some recognition challenges by CPU-Z due to the virtual environment, the performance results were impressive, with scores of 749.5 for single-threaded and 3822.3 for multi-threaded tasks.The M2 chip's single-thread performance is on par with Intel's 12th Gen Core i5-12600, which is notable given the M2's efficiency in terms of energy use and heat generation.

The launch of Apple's M-series chips has caught the attention of major tech companies like Intel, AMD, and Microsoft, mainly for its impact on the laptop market. The chips are noted for their exceptional balance of high performance and low power usage, contributing to their increasing popularity. These results highlight the M-series chips' capability in handling instructions per cycle effectively, setting the stage for future models like the M3 Pro and M3 Max. These upcoming chips are expected to match the performance of high-end desktop or workstation systems.

Source: HXL (Twitter), tpu

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