AMD ZEN3 ThreadRipper with 16 cores in the pipeline?

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We do love our share of cryptography, the one posted by Yuri Bubliy (1USMUS from Ryzen-Clocktuner and DRAM Calculator) was easy to solve though. He posted a cryptic tweet indicative of a bit of leaked info.

On Twitter, he posted 47454e4553495320313620434f524553, which unmistakably is a hexadecimal value, converted that reads GENESIS 16 CORES. And why is this news? Well, the current gen does not have a 16-core part anymore as regular Ryzen takes care of that. 



So that is an indication of a 16-core part, current Castle Peak generation is based on 24, 32, and 64 cores. In the generations before that, there have been 1950X and 2950X 16-core parts.  Interestingly enough there of course already is a 16-core ZEN3 part, the Ryzen 9 5950X. However, with Threadrippers aimed at workstations, we can assume they'd offer more memory channels and PCIe lanes. Genesis is the codename for the upcoming Threadrippers, which are ZEN3 based. And knowing AMD, probably can expect these in the Summer of 2021.

AMD ZEN3 ThreadRipper with 16 cores in the pipeline?

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