AMD To Release BIOS Update to Fix Performance Throttling in Ryzen 8000G Series CPUs

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AMD is issuing BIOS updates for its Ryzen 8000G series CPUs to address a significant performance throttling issue caused by the Skin Temperature-Aware Power Management (STAPM) feature. This feature, designed to regulate the processor's frequency and temperature by considering both the chip and the device's overall thermal environment, inadvertently caused performance reductions in the 8700G and 8600G models.

These processors, notable for their high-performance integrated graphics, are particularly suited for compact gaming setups that do not employ discrete GPUs. Despite their non-traditional role in high-end gaming rigs, these APUs have demonstrated the ability to deliver substantial gaming performance, as evidenced by achieving 132fps in Fortnite without an external graphics card.

The performance throttling issue was linked to the inappropriate activation of STAPM in these desktop APUs, a feature generally reserved for mobile processors to manage heat and ensure user comfort. The activation led to unnecessary CPU speed reductions, impacting overall system performance. AMD, in collaboration with its motherboard partners, has developed a patch to correct this issue by adjusting the STAPM functionality in the affected CPUs. This update is now available through motherboard BIOS/UEFI updates, and users are encouraged to install the latest version to rectify the performance degradation.

This issue is isolated to the Ryzen 8000G series, and other AMD CPUs are not affected. Maintaining an up-to-date BIOS/UEFI is advised, though it is not critical outside of resolving this specific issue.


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