AMD to add Dynamic Frame Rate Control

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Handy for gaming laptops, otherwise less interesting for desktop users, AMD is going to introduce a new feature called Dynamic Frame Rate Control. Basically you can lock your frame-rate at 60 FPS (yes an FPS capper much like you can activate in Afterburner and Radeon Pro). 

So is there a difference with just VSYNC ? Yep, The one difference is that AMD will likely lower power savings when reducing frame-rates. So that will bring in more battery power on your laptop and thus you can game longer before you will have run out of juice. In fact nvidia ahs this feature already on their mobile platform, it is called Battery boost.

Another feature would be that the FPS cap is limited at your preference, so you probably can set 50 as upper limit as well. AMD Describes the new feature cryptic as it it is the new world wonder. Which makes me scratch behind my back. Anyway Chris Hook from AMD shared the following "Mind Blowing."

Well ... if you like to tryout this feature already then just download AfterBurner and under Video capture you can enable the framerate limiter. It is funny how companies like Nvidia and AMD keep 'borrowing' ideas from us.

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