AMD Strix Point APU Graphics Performance Comparable to RX 6400 GPU

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Recent updates from AMD reveal significant advancements in the graphics performance of the Strix Point APU, now equipped with the RDNA 3+ core. This enhancement brings the APU's performance on par with entry-level discrete GPUs, such as the 12 CU RX 6400. The upgrade includes transitioning the CPU core to Zen 4, the GPU core to RDNA 3+, and the NPU to the new XDNA 2 Ryzen AI architecture. The Strix Point APU is available in two configurations: Strix Point 1, a standard monolithic design, and Strix Point 2, which features a chiplet design. Both versions share the same architectural framework but differ significantly in configuration, aiming to cater to varying user needs from standard to enthusiast-level computing.

Performance tests indicate that the RDNA 3+ integrated GPU in the Strix Point APU, under a thermal design power (TDP) constraint of 22-24W, achieves about 3150 points in the 3DMark Time Spy benchmark for the 12 computing unit setup. A fully configured system is expected to approach 4000 points, showcasing substantial improvement in graphics performance. Additional performance data has been provided by IT Home, which includes screenshots of the benchmark scores.


Source: ithome via @Xinoasassin

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