AMD Ryzen Processors can possibly OC to 5 GHz On Air

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Well, let's hope the hype is real or else people will get disappointed. Last week a publication from CanardPC already revealed benchmarks from AMD's upcoming 8-core RYZEN processor, this week they claim to reach 5 GHz on air cooling.

If you read through the magazine you'll spot on page 10 that Ryzen chips will be able to achieve overclocks of at least 5 GHz on air. The fun thing is, they embedded it as a riddle as the author of the article embedded a hidden message, look at the top of this page and do you notice two digit 0 and 1 string just above the photo?


They hid some info with with a simple binary string ():


Converted (try yourself here) that reads: ZenOC@Air=5G We should mention that the content they released is based on an engineering sample processor. It is intersting that they hid it that way, but it does raise many questions as well. You simply need to wonderr, was that with 8 cores @ 5 GHz or just say 2?, was it stable enough to run a hefty benchmark or just a bootup of the OS, what voltage was needed, what wattage did it run into? and most importantly how hot did that CPU run?

The article raises more questions then it answers to be brutally honest, and at this point I think it be part of an actual AMD viral. Regardless, all signs are good for AMD Ryzen and IF the clocks indeed can pass 4 GHz that easily, AMD might have struck gold. 

- Oh and gosh, what a lovely riddle ! :)

AMD Ryzen Processors can possibly OC to 5 GHz On Air

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