AMD Radeon Picasso Surfaces, the Raven Ridge Successor?

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A while ago, and actually, multiple times we've spotted the AMD Picasso codename in AMD's roadmaps, an APU design, and successor to Raven Ridge. It seems that Picasso has surfaced in a benchmark database.

The (and we can only assume) APU was spotted with device ID 15D8 in userbenchmark, which by itself tells us absolutely nothing of course. Current Raven Ridge chips use device ID 15DD. An earlier leaked slide indicates that Picasso would use the same architecture as Raven Ridge, but will get offer an improved Power and Performance. So very likely this is to be a die shrink based on a smaller fabrication process, Zen+ 12nm much like Pinnacle Ridge (the Ryzen 2000 series).



The newly spotted APU makes use of the AM4 socket, making it once again very possible you can use your AM4 motherboard and get this APU going after a firmware update. As always, the grain of salt disclaimer, it's very unusual to see an entry in a database with an internal codename, and Picasso is plastered all over this one. 


AMD Radeon Picasso Surfaces, the Raven Ridge Successor?

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