AMD Phenom II X4 950 info surfaces

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The one thing AMD is not very good at is keeping secrets. And you know what ? That's okay with me.

AMD could is preparing a new Phenom II processor clocked at 3.1 GHz for launch in April 2009, in the shape of the Phenom II X4 950.  The chip, which is mentioned on a slide purportedly leaked from AMD themselves, has 8MB of total cache should be split as 6MB of L3 and 512KB of L2 per core) together with a 125W thermal envelope, support for DDR3 1333MHz memory, and a 4GHz HyperTransport interface speed.

The Phenom II X4 950 would be launched alongside the 3GHz Phenom II X4 945, believed to be a Socket AM3 version of the Phenom II X4 940.  Meanwhile a number of slower Socket AM3 processors would switch from 125W to 95W thermal envelopes, boasting up to 2.8GHz clock speeds, compatibility with Socket AM2+ motherboards, and playing nicely with older DDR2 memory.

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