AMD Fiji XT and Bermuda XT make Mystery Appearance

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So we have seen so called 'leaks' like these before. It is again Chiphell where in the forums a user posted some stuff that he or she probably shouldn't. This time some performance numbers of the AMD GPU Fiji XT and AMD Bermuda XT appeared, that last one is rumored to be the Radeon R9 390 series.

Anyone can make up numbers on a card that doesn't exist, but these charts are to valuable to not show them I guess. Averaging performance over 20 games, the Fiji XT Engineering Sample is somewhere around 10-15% faster than GTX 980 while GM200's cut-down version is some 2-5% faster than Fiji XT ES.

They claim that in BF4 multiplayer, Fiji XT ES uses some 15-20% more power than GTX 980 while cut-down GM200 uses some 5% give or take few %'s more than Fiji XT ES. The second graph has numbers for BF4 MP, CoD AW, DA:Inquisition, Ryse and Watch Dogs, it also includes "full fat GM200" and Bermuda XT ES in addition to the Fiji XT ES and cut-down GM200.

The tests originate from ChipHell, this site is well known for both legit and fake leaks. Let me reiterate that it is EXTREMELY unlikely for these guys to have all these unreleased engineering sample boards let alone drivers. I for one do not believe these results are for real. Anyway, make and think of this what you want. But take these charts with a grain of salt the size of a suger cube though.

AMD Fiji XT and Bermuda XT make Mystery Appearance

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