AMD Epyc 7452: Rome CPU with 32 cores and 2.35 GHz spotted

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While Ryzen 3000 (Matisse) is on track for a release next month on the 7th of the 7th, it is a bit silent on the Epic side. Until now that is, an Epyc 7452 server processes got listed, yep the one with 32 cores and 64 threads has got to be Zen2 based.

The Epyc 7452 clocks at 2.35 GHz, which is 350 MHz higher than its predecessor. The description of the chipset "Starship / Matisse" indicates that this is the new generation "Rome" with Zen 2. In addition, the performance increase to Epyc 7551 in the listed benchmarks can not be explained solely by the clock increase, which also points to Zen 2. A result of this entry have been summarized in the diagram below. Geometrically, the performance is 44 percent higher than the Epyc 7551, but the Epyc 7452's CPU clock is 17.5 percent higher. The barely changed naming is backed by a photo published in Leaks notorious Chiphell forum. On it is an AMD Epyc with the model number 7452 on the package.

When AMD will introduce the second Epyc generation called Rome with up to 64 cores is still unclear. Most recently, AMD had called only the third quarter of 2019 for the market launch. Originally the server CPUs should appear before the desktop counterparts, but this has apparently changed.

AMD Epyc 7452: Rome CPU with 32 cores and 2.35 GHz spotted

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