AMD Athlon 200GE very likely not overclockable

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So that dual-core, four threaded budget AMD Athlon 200GE that was announced last week probably could have been really interesting as a low-cost processor. And everything that is low-cost, people like to tweak right.  Well, from the looks of it, the AMD Athlon 200GE will not have unlocked multipliers/

If you peek at the Athlon 200GE product page, then according to the AMD website, the new processor would not be overclockable. From the top of my mind, I think this proc would be the very first ZEN CPU where the multiplier is locked, all other Zen-based chips are overclockable.

Aah, the days of unlocking an Athlon processor with a pencil, where are though :)

AMD Athlon 200GE very likely not overclockable

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