AMD 45nm processor reaches 3GHz in the lab

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Some news from the AMD front today as it seems that 45nm AMD chips can do 3GHz in the lab. In 2008, AMD will introduce Deneb FX for the replacement for the AMD Quad FX platform, as well as Deneb for the mainstream.

Propos and Regor will also replace Kuma and Rana in the lower market segments. Socket AM2+ being named in the late 2006 might actually have been the original AM3 socket, but as naming conventions changed, so that the next generation of consumer desktop socket capable of DDR3 will be socket AM3.

Anyway, with the new 45nm silicon chip called Deneb, we'll also see the return of the FX series in just a few months. The FX series always have been the high-end parts of the Athlon series. Whether this is any kind of indication of what to expect, we're not sure, but it seems like AMD is trying to get the frequencies up.

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