Alphacool offers Water-cooled NVMe M.2 SSD cooler for PCI Express 4.0

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Alphacool announced the Core M.2 NVMe PCIe 4.0 liquid cooler, a water-cooled NVMe M.2 SSD cooler compatible for PCI Express 4.0. (x4).

This product combines a conversion card and a full-cover type water block, with a nickel-plated copper plate as the base plate. The controller and NAND flash heat can be quickly transferred to the coolant liquid, preventing thermal throttling. The thread is G1/4 x 2, the top cover is acrylic, and it has an illumination function with addressable RGB LEDs. 130.7mm long, 56mm wide, and 24.41mm thick are the dimensions.

Liquid cooling your SSD is expensive, the sales price is €99.98

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