Advertisement: How to buy cheap and genuine Microsoft software? Windows 10 as low as $5.77 per PC

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Want to get a genuine and legitimate Windows OS or Microsoft Office for little money? Don't worry, Keysfan has you covered. Keysfan sells mainly second-hand licenses, which it buys from companies that no longer have any use for them and passes them on to individuals. Keysfan knows the "history" of each license it sells, so the end-user can use them without any problems. According to the Court of Justice of the European Union, the system of buying and selling second-hand licenses is authorized in Europe, and you no longer have any doubt about the reliability of the legislation and services. So you buy a product that is safe and legal, so that you no longer run the risk of using pirated software. Secondly, since Keysfan sends you activation information and order invoices by email, there are no CDs and no logistic costs, which makes the price much lower and you can get Windows OS and Microsoft Office at a very low price! Finally, the license you buy from Keysfan is not subject to subscription, so the Keysfan license on is "lifetime" and you have unlimited access: the operating system will be updated and supported by Microsoft throughout its lifetime.

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