Addlink S95 8TB Gen4x4 SSD Achieves Impressive 28GB/s Sequential Read Speed in 32TB NVMe RAID Array

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Addlink has made waves in the tech industry with the announcement of its S95 8TB Gen4x4 SSD. The drive has achieved a remarkable sequential read speed of 28GB/s in a 32TB NVMe RAID array, tested on an AMD Threadripper workstation with four Addlink 8TB SSDs using an MSI M.2 XPANDER-AERO RAID card on an MSI TRX40 Creator motherboard. 

The S95 SSD features TLC 3D NAND technology and offers exceptional read speeds of up to 7GB/s, making it at least two times faster than Gen 3 NVMe SSDs and more than 14 times faster than SATA SSDs.

To achieve these impressive results, the reviewer used SoftRAID from OWC to stripe the array to RAID 0, optimized for workstation, with a stripe size of 512 KB. Various benchmarks and tools, including ATTO Disk Benchmark and CrystaldiskMark, were also used to test the array's performance. The addlink S95 NVMe RAID array is not only incredibly fast and high-performing, but it's also easy to use and set up. It is compatible with various operating systems, including Mac, Windows, and Linux, making it ideal for digital content creators, 3D modeling technicians, software engineers, and data scientists who work with large files.

In addition to its outstanding performance, the S95 SSD offers impressive endurance, with 2800TBW for the 4TB version and 5600TBW for the 8TB version. The S95 SSD is an excellent investment for those looking to enhance their creative workflow or improve their system's overall performance.

The addlink S95 8TB SSD is available for purchase on Amazon for €1399. To learn more about the S95 SSD, visit addlink's website at

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