Acer Predator Aethon 700 Gaming keyboard

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The Predator Aethon 700 gaming keyboard lets you change how the keys feel when you press them.  You can switch between the "tactile mode" and the "linear mode" with the upper right lever.

The "tactile mode" feels like a tactile blue axis keystroke with a click, while the "linear mode" feels like a linear, smooth, and quiet red axis keystroke. keyboard. You can also tell which mode you are in by the colour of the LED at the base of the lever, which changes between blue and red. The key switch is a mechanical switch that can be used 60 million times. It has fun features like N key rollover, a volume dial, a backlight, a programme function, and a magnetic palm rest that you can take off and put back on. The keyboard has 104 English keys, the actuation point is 2.00.6mm, the actuation force is 4515gf, and the pressure point (in tactile mode) is 6015gf. The interface is USB Type-A, the report rate is 1 ms (1,000 Hz), the body is 450 mm long, 161.5 mm wide, and 53.5 mm high (without the palm rest), and it weighs 1,455 30 g (without the palm rest). 

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