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Acer announced the new Aspire V Nitro notebook series for users seeking an immersive sensory experience and powerful computing.Available in 15-inch and 17-inch models, Aspire V Nitro series notebooks also sport a stylish and sophisticated design characterized by sharp angles, slim profiles and intricately patterned covers made with soft touch NIL technology. 

For users who desire top-of-line gadgets a special Aspire V Nitro-Black Edition, that represents the apex of the Nitro series, is available and offers blazing fast performance, gaming-grade graphics, and exclusive cooling technologies.

Designed to amaze

The Aspire V Nitro series is crafted with soft touch NIL Technology (Nanoimprint Lithography) along with a durable, sleek metal finish combined with intricate patterns on the lid for a unique tactile effect. The series also offers a spacious backlit keyboard with edgy red lighting that will aid usage in low-light environments. An exclusive "Black Edition" logo on the touchpad of the Aspire V Nitro-Black series distinguishes the device as the top-of-the-line model, packed with even more speed.

Designed to accelerate
The Aspire V Nitro series offers powerful performance with the latest 4th Gen Intel Core or Intel standard voltage processor. Powered by NVIDIA GeForce up to GTX 860M, it provides users with riveting gaming grade visuals and performance, taking entertainment to a whole new level.

To top off its high processing speed and astonishing graphics, the Acer Aspire V Nitro series comes with two antennas; the 2x2 wireless antenna technology processes data at up to twice the speed of traditional single antenna solutions by forming a multi-input/multi-output (MIMO) setup for fast and reliable throughput.

The series is equipped with Acer DustDefender technology, an intelligent dust-removal design that relies on the notebook's high-speed metal fan to remove internal build-up of dust. It helps to extend the product's lifecycle and enhances performance while quietly keeping the device cool. And when heavy loading or extreme performance of the notebook requires added ventilation, CoolBoost technology's exclusive Turbo Mode can be manually activated by the user to enable faster fan speed, and lower CPU/GPU temperatures.

Designed to immerse
Providing top-class entertainment to its users was one of Acer's focus points when developing the Aspire V Nitro series. Users can enjoy powerful surround sound while listening to music, watching films or gaming, thanks to four built-in speakers (8W output in total). This allows an incredibly full-range auditory experience from all angles. Moreover, the Aspire V Nitro series notebooks feature Dolby Digital Plus Home Theatre Dialog Enhancement, a technology which reduces dialogue intelligibility and interference from other background noise, optimizing entertainment and keeping all media crystal-clear. The Aspire V Nitro series notebooks are Skype Certified and provide crystal clear and instant communication, enabling users to stay connected with uninterrupted audio and visuals, free from echoes, gaps or lags regardless of wherever they are. 

The Aspire V Nitro series notebooks also sports a Full HD display with IPS Technology that provides wide viewing angles, allowing users to share their multimedia experience with those around them without loss of image quality. To help reduce eye fatigue and enhance visual comfort, Aspire V Nitro series notebooks feature Acer ComfyView non-glare technology.
This exclusive combination of leading technology and unique features allow the Aspire V Nitro series to deliver cutting-edge performance that brings the ultimate in power and speed. 

Additional features & options
A range of options and additional features are available for the Aspire V Nitro series to secure a smooth personalized experience. Users can choose a Blu-Ray Drive to play the latest blockbusters on their notebook and enjoy a thrilling cinematic experience on the go; M-Disk Ready drive provides safe data storage for several decades.
With a hard disk of up to 1 TB, users have plenty of space to store movies, photos, and music while keeping their notebook thin and light. And for users who have a need for more speed, the optional 256 GB SSD storage feature on the Aspire V Nitro series provides fast wake-up and even faster access to files and data.

Acer Aspire V Nitro series notebooks starts shipping in Q3 2014 in select countries in EMEA and Asia.

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