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Product: X500 Mid-TowerManufacturer: Xoxide
MSRP: $104.99
Author: Hilbert Hagedoorn

rounddefault-xoxide.jpgEvery once in a while we review some items that are less related to graphics cards but are still a catch for the eye. Today we are going to review a PC Case as provided by Xoxide.

The beige standard case is really not something people buy these days anymore, that boring PC Case is something from the past. People spend more and more money on their PC these days and a design case is something they are willing to spend money on. If you are a visitor of Guru3D.com then you crave the need for the best hardware and therefore you will like case modifications. I am right aren't I? There's a big downside though, if you are one of those people who is well .. to lazy to case-mod himself, have two left hands or simply does not have the time to make a case-mod then what on this earth can you do? Luckily for us there are a few companies out there who saw this gap in the market and when you are ready to pay some dough, you can pretty much buy anything to your liking. Xoxide is such a company, they buy pre-modded cases and resell them. Hey it saves you from burning down the house, cut fingers off, or at the least put an eye out, I guess I need to put in a disclaimer. 

Today's case review is such a pre-modded product, it's manufactured by Eagle and being sold as the X500 by Xoxide, and man .. what a nice case this is ! The latest trend in pc cases are lights. We notice a lot of LEDs, cold cathode lighting and even little LCD screens.

This case dear readers is 105 USD right now and once you have read the entire article you'll agree with me that it is a lot of case for that money ! One thing though, this review will not be about how much air-flow a case produces or what the ambient temperature of the case is. I mean honestly .. who cares if the ambient temperature is 2-3 degrees higher or lower than normal. The sole purpose for the X500 is to look good. Therefore in this review as we always do with these products, a lot of images.

Xoxide - X500

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