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Product Showcase - Exterior


Xigmatek Gigas

At the backside we see a not so typical layout. To the top left two rear fans (120mm / 1000 RPM) are located behind another mesh and yes that means you might actually be able to use a simple liquid cooling solution as well. Being micro-ATX sized you get four expansion slots, and as stated your graphics cards may be lengthy, up-to 320mm / 12.5"

A little weird to see is the location of the PSU, it is shifted and positioned upwards to make room and give clearance to your installed PCI(e) cards.

Xigmatek Gigas

The bottom side then, it has been equipped with four rubber feet to prevent resonating noises. Looks good, it's the style of "feet" used at HIFI gear as well.

Xigmatek Gigas

BTW, included, with the chassis is a manual and all your typical stuff like screws, tie-wraps. Also included is a very simply yet effective fan controller. We think that's a nice touch alright. However, Xigmatek has provided a 3 channel fan controller (fed by a 4pin molex towards the PSU) for a case that has 2 sets of 2 fans. So one of the fans needs to be connected and regulated through the motherboard.

Xigmatek Gigas

You access the innards of the chassis by removing six screws at the top. Then you lift the top lid and gain access to the chassis. It will take getting used to. The innards look very crowded as they are just that, but everything is placed very logical leaving good clearance where needed.

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