Windows 8.1 vs 10 graphics performance review

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Final Words


I'll end this article with four more FCAT results, all cards combined.Again, lower latency equals to a higher framerate. 





Aside from the usual small hiccups we cannot detect anything improved or for that matter worrying. Windows 10 is marginally faster overall for both cards, but again driver changes and random anomalies can easily account for that. As you have been able to see, going from Windows 8.1 towards Windows 10 for DX11 based games, really hardly makes any differences. Last but not least it only might have been a few weeks in-between them, but driver changes can have a small effect as well. The big conundrum is DirectX 12, until there are some real DX12 games out there the platform-differences will hardly make a difference. When we moved from Windows 7 towards Windows, it was the same thing.

DirectX 12 games, that's where things will change with less CPU overhead, cross-GPU rendering and in the end much more complex scenes.

- Hilbert out

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