SunBeamtech Tuniq 3 chassis review

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SunBeamtech "Tuniq 3" ATX mid tower PC chassis

Manufacturer: TuniqPrice: 69 USD (MSRP)

Hello! Welcome to yet another article here on This time we will review a new product from the mainstream chassis builder SunBeamtech. Today is about PC cases. There is so much variety these days isn't there ? Now I have stated it many times already but can you still remember the dull beige cases we used to have ? I think it was only four years ago when we noticed a big trend happening. Everybody was tired of that dull colored and way too heavy PC casing. Apple had these remarkably sexy chassis designs and a lot of us were wondering .. geez .. that can be better on the PC front as well. PC cases these days have evolved tremendously. They have large see through windows, intelligent cooling techniques, some are made of aluminum, can be tool less, some have wicked spray paint jobs and thus some of them simply look unbelievably beautiful.

You can pretty much buy anything you like these days for very acceptable prices as this market has become a huge one.
Companies wised up to the trend and you can now buy the most beautifully pre-modified or stylish PC cases.

Today we'll peek at Sunbeamtech's Tuniq line of products (Tuniq is actually a subsidiary product series of Sunbeamtech). They have the new Tuniq 3 out, which is an aluminum looking and styled chassis which in our photo lab was one of the hardest things ever to photograph. We'll show you later.

As you can guess from the numbering, with the third case design (aptly named the Tuniq 3), stylish and cool is what the company is after. You'll immediately notice the aluminum front bezel. Once you power it on you'll see two cold cathodes and Tuniq's '3D Core Fan Bracket' that can hold up to four 120mm fans inside the case.

Good stuff, let's start out with the generic specifications and have a closer look.


  • Dimensions: 486 x 203 x 464mm
  • Weight: 9.3 kg
  • Construction: Aluminum bezel / .08 SECC Steel
  • Drive Bays: (5) 5.25, (2) Internal 3.5, (3) External 3.5
  • Expansion slots: (7)
  • M/B Type: Standard ATX and Micro ATX
  • Side Mounted Access Ports: USB 2.0 (x2), speaker and mic jack
  • Cooling: Front case fan mounting for 120mm, Rear 120mm fan, two internal 120mm fans, Side fan mounting for 80 or 120mm fan
  • Window: Optional
  • Available Colors: Silver, Black

All that for roughly 69 USD, keep that in mind.



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