SunBeamtech 'Silent Storm' ATX mid tower

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SunBeamtech "Silent Storm" ATX mid tower PC caseManufacturer: Sunbeamtech
Price: 79 USD (MSRP)

The Guru and the case of Silence

Sound of hammer: thump thump
Judge Guru: Silence please, silence ...
Prosecutor (Hilbert): your honor .. there's this company claiming they made a PC case that can produce a storm inside the PC yet remains silent. We thinks that's not possible.

The defendant, SunBeamtech, claims this and we the prosecution will need to put this to the test before a verdict can be made by our stringent yet fair Jury also known as the Guru3D audience. Please allow me to introduce to you exhibit ATX ..

Exhibit ATX is what we call an ATX PC case. It's made for the sole purpose of building a PC by inserting certain form factor components. We'll call this ATX PC casing, the suspect. This suspect will be labeled with codename deepthroat "SilentStorm". Let's start the case of this case.

The defendant was founded in the year 2000 and specializes itself at modable items like cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL), fans, lights, controllers and now pre-modded cases

Their hottest case, the Silent Storm, is no different. It's being built for a very particular for enthusiast PC builders and consumers.

Their latest improvement of their new line of PC cases is the insertion of the "Core Fan". Basically a 120mm fan between the 5.25 drive bay and your CPU. You can position this fan in height any way you like and the idea behind it is of course to create additional airflow inside your PC, hence the name Silent Storm.

Will this help cool your components without increasing the noise level? Let's take a look at this toolless new case, and thus Sunbeamtech's latest innovation.

Let this "cold case" begin.

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