Scythe Mugen 5 Black air cooler review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase



The box is not a big one, and it’s also has been adjusted to match the colour scheme of the product. The photo of the cooler is offset, so it’s also visible around the corner.



On the sides, you can find the specification, dimensional renderings of the cooler, and also features.


Inside, we find the parts (cooler, fan, and accessories) in a couple of boxes. No foam is to be found here, so we can say it’s more eco-friendly.



The mounting hardware supplied by Scythe supports every modern socket, excluding AMD’s TR4. From the things that are not standard for this company, the screwdriver is not with red, but rather black accents. That’s a nice touch. There are also:


  • Four stud nuts (for Intel 2066/2011)
  • A backplate (for 1200/115x)
  • Four plastic spacers (for 1200/115x and AMD)
  • Two mounting plates (for Intel sockets)
  • Four bolt nuts (for Intel sockets)
  • Two mounting plates (for AMD)
  • Four screws (for AMD)
  • Thermal grease (Thermal Elixer 2)
  • Four fan clips 

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