Saitek R440 Force Wheel

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Product Name: Saitek R440 Force Wheel
Price: $79.95
Company Info: Saitek Industries Ltd

If you are one of those freaks who is willing to get up in the middle of the night for a Formula-1 Grand Prix race then good news, you are not alone! Racing is an extraordinary event in many classes:  motorcycling, carting, Formula 3000, Rally, Nascar, etc... If you are such a freak (yours truly included), chances are that you also have a mid to high-end PC on which you like to play racing games (yours truly is among them again). In fact, what I play most are F1 games. Now I've always been a keyboard man when it comes to steering until I messed around with some wheels. They come in all kinds of shapes, forms and sizes and today's review will of course be centered around a racing wheel. It's the recently renewed Saitek R440 with Force Feedback.

Now I've had my share of Racing Wheels: Microsoft's SideWinder Steer, Thrustmaster Ferrari wheels and there was one from Logitech that was really good. The downside of these wheels for me are their sheer size on the desktop. There are usually clumsy mechanisms to unlock the device from your desktop, or once installed there is no more room on the desktop due to the size of the wheel. Saitek did it a bit differently and agreed it's not the best looking wheel out there, yet it's unarguably small when mounted on your desktop, steers fantasticly and can generate forces that are just really good. This wheel is built upon the same technology as its older brother, yet with small changes and at a price that is really interesting. This is going to be a product that most of you will definitely find appealing.


  • Feel every corner you take with the Saitek Force Feedback driving experience driven by patented TouchSense technology
  • Stunning styling combined with unique ergonomic design offers fatigue-free gaming to all whom dare to drive
  • Plug in and Drive away with instant USB connection
  • Gas and Brake pedal platform for precision foot control
  • TouchSense Technology
  • 4 Wheel-mounted Buttons
  • 2 Gearshift Paddles
  • Gas and Brake Floor Pedals

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