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Graphics card temperatures

Graphics card temperatures

To begin, we will focus on idle temperatures of desktop GPUs as reported by thermal sensors in software. Generally, temperatures below 50 degrees Celsius are acceptable, while temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius are commendable. To provide additional context, we have included temperature data from several other GPUs we recently tested in a chart. However, when it comes to gaming, the temperature of the GPU can significantly increase. To measure the highest temperature reached during intense gaming sessions, we conducted stress tests while monitoring the GPU temperature as reported by the thermal sensor. It's worth noting that all tests were conducted in a room with a temperature of 20-21 degrees Celsius, and we used a GPU stress loop to achieve peak performance.




Long Duration Stress Temperature and GPU Throttling clock

Always, before beginning benchmarking, the card is preheated. We monitor the dynamic clock the GPU throttle once the GPU has warmed up, this is around 2700~2750 MHz, and we see this during the repeated warm-up phase of at least 15 minutes of GPU gaming stress. We do this before every evaluation because a cold card could perform better in the first few seconds of a benchmark.


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