Phenom II X4 Overclocking Master class

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Prepping the setup


AMD Phenom II Overclock Masterclass

A layer of Armaflex and then prepping installation of a tube + mount to put on the CPU

AMD Phenom II Overclock Masterclass

Use plenty of Thermal ceramic cooling paste on both the block and processor

AMD Phenom II Overclock MasterclassMainboard almost fully insulated for the LN² session

When I was finished insulating the main board, it was time to prepare everything for the LN² session. For a LN² session you need the following:

  • An insulated mainboard.
  • Thermal ceramic cooling paste.
  • Off course a tube + mount to put on your CPU.
  • A thermometer and a probe which you connect to the tube, to see the temperature (the mainboard temperature sensor is not capable of such a low temperature).
  • A Dewar (This is used to store the LN², my Dewar holds 30 liters)
  • A Thermos flask (this is used to fill the tube with LN²). You pour the LN² from the Dewar into the Thermos.

Meet the benchmark hardware setup:

CPU                 AMD Phenom II X4 965BE C3 version, batch 0933 EPAW
Main board        Asus Crosshair III Socket AM3
Memory            Corsair CMGTX2 2250 MHz CL8
Graphic cards   2x Asus ATI 4870x2 @ Crossfire
Power Supply    PC Power & Cooling 1200 Watt
Hard disk          OCZ SSD 60GB Vertex (Windows Vista, for 3D Benchmarks)
Cooling             Thermalright TRUE Ultra-120 eXtreme (Air)
Custom made Phase Change (for temperatures around -30 degrees)
Liquid Nitrogen (for temperatures around -190 degrees)
Kingpin F1 Copper Tube (almost 3 Kg)
Isolation            Eraser gum, Armaflex and paper towels
Thermometer     Voltcraft K102 digital thermometer plus a temperature probe

AMD Phenom II Overclock Masterclass
The entire setup 10 minutes before starting the LN² session

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