Patriot Viper Venom RGB DDR5 7400 CL36 2x16 GB review

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Final Words & Conclusion

Final Words & Conclusion

The Patriot Viper Venom RGB 7400 CL36 kit offers users a fantastic out-of-the-box performance. It looks attractive/clean, and there’s RGB lighting for the fans of the lighting (but there are also versions without it). The frequency range is extensive, from 5200 to 7400; we got the 7400 MHz variant, so the best possible variant from this series. There’s no color selection (the radiator is black-silver), and there are also 2x8 and 2x32 GB kits available.



Patriot has made the Viper Venom RGB look clean/attractive. There’s RGB here (or not, if you don't want it). Overall, we’re satisfied with what that series offers in that department, as the black-silver seems nice.


The memory chips used here come from Hynix, A-Die. As we usually state, the overclocking capabilities’ reproducibility is never guaranteed, and your results may vary. The reviewed kit already has a great performance out of the box. It was possible to increase the frequency to 7800 MHz using the CL38-46-46-115 (it was stable), providing a nice performance difference. We didn't like the 1.5V default voltage (it should have been 1.45 V, according to the website/box). Luckily, the temperatures were great for such frequency/voltage.



Patriot Viper Venom RGB is an exciting memory series. The stock performance is within the expected range (7400 MHz is an outstanding performer), and the Intel XMP 3.0 profile makes life easier (you also get the higher frequency XMP for the ROG motherboards). The relatively low-profile heat spreader (43 mm/1.69 inches), so you shouldn’t encounter clearance problems with more extensive air CPU coolers. Some headroom (tighter timings/more frequency) is still available, as we reached the 7800 MHz with CL38-46-46-115.  32 GB is becoming a standard even in gaming set-ups (for the DDR5 systems), also because of the introduction of the new RAM standard. The current price for the DDR5s is decreasing rapidly, thanks to the AM5 platform introduction. We want to give Patriot Viper Venom RGB the “Guru3D Approved” award for this kit as it’s (more than) fast enough out of the box. You get customizable RGB lighting. There are no color variants available; the radiator is black and silver. The temperature for such a high-frequency kit is very low, and the aluminum heat spreaders are effective. We didn't like the fact that the voltage wasn't 1.45 V as advertised, but 1.5 V. Why does the XMP differentiate so much, Patriot? The 7400 MHz on Amazon is only 119.99 USD, so it’s a good deal.

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