Patriot PC2-5300 2GB DDR2 Memory

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Patriot PC2-5300 2GB DDR2 MemoryType: Patriot PDC22G5300LLK CL 4-4-4-12 timings DDR2 667

So today we are going to have a look at some new DDR2 memory from the good people at Patriot memory. It's good timing as there is a lot going on in the memory industry right now ... or should I have said good timings ;)

Obviously Intel had DDR2 ready platform for a while not but it just did not kick off big-time as standard DDR memory simply could keep up very well bandwidth and latency wise. Things are slowly changing though, and this year we'll see a big move towards DDR2 memory, trust me. next tot hat it's hasn't been that long that a 2GB kit (2x1GB modules) of memory lacking in performance when compared to a 1GB kit (2x512MB modules) yet it was more then twice the price of a 1GB Kit. The timings have gotten better and prices have fallen, so lets take a look at a price conscious 2GB memory kit.

A week or two ago AMD launched their Socket AM2 platform processor with a built in DDR2 controller in the processors, and we know what AMD can do with memory controllers .. they can make memory fly for real. Today's tested kit is a 2 Gigabyte kit as stated from Patriot. The kit despite it's high capacity has some pretty awesome timings. It's 667 MHz DDR2 memory that utilize a cool 4-4-4 timing with a 1T command rate. Does that sound a bit to geek for you ? No worries we'll explain what it all means.

So basically today we'll do three things with this memory today. We'll take a look at it's standard timings and frequency, we'll see if we can lower timings even better and then have a look at the maximum frequency of this memory. These three situation will be visualized with a benchmark suite where we'll look performance graphs of the best solution. That being said .. let's startup the test.

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