Palit GeForce GTX 780 Super Jetstream review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase



If we rotate the card and look at the backside we can see two SLI connectors, so in theory four cards in quad-SLI GPU mode are supported. Quad SLI however is difficult and often a maze of driver problems, Nvidia has never really recommended and actively supported quad-SLI. But for a handful of benchmarks and sheer e-peen, it will work OK'ish. We really recommend to go with a maximum of two, maybe three cards. 


I really need to find me one of these CSI rulers for sheer coolness factor :) The card is 10.5 inches in length which is 27 cm. 


For this GeForce GTX 780 article we'll look at performance based on high-end yet more moderate processors and then on the X79 platform with an overclocked Core i7 3960X running at 4600 MHz. Here we see the card (you can find it under SKU code NE5X780T10FB-1100J) installed on our test bench.


That's it for this photoshoot though. We need to tell you a tale or two about the GPU and the architecture of course. Oh and yes, the middle 90mm fan has a blue LED.

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