Palit GeForce GTX 1080 GameRock Premium Edition + G-Panel review

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Product Showcase - The G-Panel

The Palit G-Panel

The version we received is the top end SKU, basically you can purchase this card with and without a G-Panel. 


The G-Panel is a USB 3.0 Front Panel with LCD VGA card Monitoring in the front, provides an extra tool for PC gamers to monitor the graphics information, fan speed, GPU temperature and CPU/GPU/memory usage on a 3.12” LCD display.


It also is fitted with an extra USB 3.0 type C port and a USB 3.0 type A port  on the panel so it functions as USB HUB as well. Basically you simply connect the supplied USB 3.0 header to your motherboard and use Palits overclocking tool to activate the product.


Now forgive me the messy looks, but I kind of had a busy week and did not have time for proper photo-shoots.  The G-Panel will fit into an empty 5.25" drive bay in your chassis, alternatively you can rest it outside the PC as it has standoff feet. However the USB cable is roughly 50cm, so that is a bit of a limitation in reach.


In the Thundermaster software simply hit enable G-Panel, and you are good to go. Below a series of photos showing what the unit can display, you can switch each screen mode with a front-side button. Overall I really likes the G-Panel. It's really simply yet offers direct readouts of your GPU.


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