Palit GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Super Jetstream review

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As stated the card remains passive thanks to its cooling solution, up-to a GPU temperature of 60 Degrees C the fans does not even spin. Once they do they'll try and vent some warm air out of the front-side though that excellent honey-grid plate. However as you can see already, heat travels upwards and the radiator surface area is not contained, so most warm air will be dumped inside the chassis. As we always state, chassis ventilation is a must.


The cooler is impressive in both performance but also size, that's 28cm / 11 inches of graphics card right there. Please always do make sure the card physically fits inside your chassis.


We know we know... they are a bit of a trend and, like, everybody is following. The LED system can be controlled and is capable of displaying several colors and effects. Currently, I have it monitoring temperature, once the GPU would get hot the LED at the top would go red and vice versa.


And yes, once installed I do think that is a nice looking product with the chrome/metal accents and matte black. A card like that will suit any style PC really.

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