OCZ Vertex 4 SSD revisited with FW 1.4RC review

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SSD Performance Atto Disk Benchmark

Atto Disk Benchmark

One of the finest tools available to measure storage performance is ATTO. I love it to death as it is so reliable and produces such accurate results. The great thing about ATTO is that we can test with predefined block sizes. So we can test with a 32MB sequence of 4KB files, yet also 32MB in 1MB files. This gives us an excellent scope of overall performance with small and large files.

Vertex 4

But let's have a peek at actual read performance. For ATTO the new 1.4 Firmware will not do much in read performance, we see the 1.4 Firmware to be a notch faster though towards 544 MB/sec in peak performance

Vertex 4 

For the 256Gb model however write performance increased dramatically, where it was maxing out at 373 MB/sec, that drive now pushes 467 MB sec. The 512GB model remains fairly similar in write performance, but already was at the upper threshold of it's performance.

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