OCZ TRION 150 - 240 GB SSD review

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The Software Toolbox

The OCZ Guru Toolbox - Firmware

OCZ delivers a software suite with their SSD series. This will help you check and update your SSD. These are older example screenshots we took. 


The OCZ SSD Guru (great name ;)) as such is a handy utility. Here we used the latest revision.


To flash erase  or firmware update the SSD you simply need the OCZ SSD Guru. The software will check if a new update is available. Nine out of ten times it'll be a non volatile update, meaning your data will remain intact. Obviously, never upgrade your firmware if it isn't broken and we will always recommend you to run a backup prior to any update whatsoever.


ThetToolbox can also be used to erase your drive and quickly check health and status parameters of the SSD.

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