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Specs and features

Specs and features StealthXStream 2 600W / 80+ Certified / ATX

So today we are peeking at the this 80+ certified 600 Watt power supply. OCZ is actually releasing several models within this specific range, these PSUs will beĀ starting at a shy 400 Watt going all the way up to 700. The 600W unit tested today starts out with four 12V rail, each capable of a 18A maximum output. You have 140W available on your 3.3 and +5V lines.

With that amount of power under the hood it's clear that the StealthXStream 2 series is catered at the value for performance end-users. The guys with a home PC that like to game on a mid-range PC. The StealthXStream 2 is chilled down with 120mm ball-bearing fan and features a standard ATX power supply form factor resulting in a compact footprint to accommodate virtually all computer towers.

Primary feature is of course the good efficiency with itsĀ  80+ certifications, converting up to a full 85% of AC to DC power at typical loads.
The OCZ StealthXStream 2 provides Universal Input and Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) to effectively regulate input voltage across worldwide power grids and maintain an economical, yet stable supply of power. Here are some of its features:

  • 400W - 600W Configurations
  • 150 x 140 x 86mm (W x L x H)
  • ATX12V v2.2
  • EPS12V (600W)
  • Main connector: 20+ 4-pin ATX
  • Non-Modular
  • High efficiency:
    83% @ 115V (Typical load)
    85% @ 230V (Typical load)
  • 80+ Certified
  • Overvoltage/Overcurrent/Short-Circuit protection
  • Active PFC
  • MTBF:100,000 hours
  • OCZ PowerWhisper Technology
  • 120mm ball-bearing fan
  • 3 year warranty backed by OCZ's exclusive
    PowerSwap Warranty replacement program.


  • 20+4-pin ATX
  • 4+4-pin CPU
  • 6-pin PCI-E
  • 6+2-pin PCI-E
  • 5 x Peripheral
  • 1 x Floppy
  • 3 x SATA

Part Numbers

  • 400W - OCZ400SXS2
  • 500W - OCZ500SXS2
  • 600W - OCZ600SXS2

With 600 Watts the PSU falls into the mid-range to lower segment of the high-end category. Although not exactly Kilowatt material, it most certainly is capable enough of running a dedicated mid-range to high-end PC. The product is NOT a certified SLI/Crossfire ready product but can support up one card with its default connectors, one PCIe PEG leads will offer a 6/8-pin (DXX) connector and one 6-pin header can be spotted for graphics cards. That is more than sufficient for a single GPU GPU setup. The OCZ StealthXStream 2 power supplies come backed with a nice three year OCZ PowerSwap Warranty.

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