NVIDIA Star Wars TITAN Xp Collector Edition Review

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The Nvidia Titan Xp Star Wars collectors edition takes advantage of Pascal 16nm FinFet architecture, and with 12 billion transistors, a full 3840 shader/stream cores, and 12 GB of GDDR5X, it’s a rather impressive product all by itself if it even was the reference product. 


The GPU empowering the product is called the GP102 GPU, which is Pascal architecture based. It has a nice 3840 CUDA cores with a dynamically boostable frequency of 1582 MHz. The memory (12 GB GDDR5X) runs at an effective 11.4 Gbps.


The card retains its 250 Watt TDP, 75 Watts is delivered through the PCIe slot, then 150+75 Watts through the single 6- and 8-pin PEG (PCI Express graphics) power connector. That's plenty spare for a nice tweak! The Nvidia Titan Xp display engine is capable of supporting the latest high-resolution displays, including 4K and 5K screens. And with HDMI 2.0 support, the Nvidia Titan Xp can be used by gamers who want to game on the newest state-of-the-art big screen TVs. 

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