Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Black review

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One of the key ingredients to Titan Black is its high performance vapor chamber cooling. Built from copper, this vapor chamber draws heat off Titan's GK110 GPU using an evaporation process that’s similar to a heatpipe, but more powerful. 


With this new grease and Titan’s copper vapor chamber, they’re able to draw more heat off the GK110 chip, ultimately allowing the GPU to run cooler and thus boost to higher clock speeds. This heat from the vapor chamber is then dissipated by a large, dual-slot aluminum heatsink. 



GeForce GTX Titan also features an extended fin stack, the heatsink fins actually extend beyond the base of the vapor chamber, increasing cooling area. GeForce GTX Titan Black also has an aluminum baseplate, which provides additional cooling for the PCB and board components. And finally, a blower-style fan exhausts hot air out the back of the system chassis.


A 6-phase power supply is responsible for supplying Titan’s GK110 GPU with power. An additional 2-phase power supply is dedicated for the board’s GDDR5 memory. 


This 6+2 phase design supplies Titan with the power it needs. Tweaked we’ve seen Titan Black boards with reference cooling hit speeds of 1.1GHz in our own testing.


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