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A Cool & Silent Introduction

We will put the Noctua NH-D15 dual-fan heatpipe cooler to the test in a review today. The new flagship product from Noctua is huge in both size and performance. The successor for the NH-D14 premium CPU cooler has a six heatpipe dual radiator design to improve on cooling performance and noise levels. Obviously what catches the eye is that dual radiator allowing you to use one or even two 140mm fans (included).

In an extensive and impressive line of CPU coolers Noctua recently added a new flagship product, the Noctua NH-D15. And, I know that I have mentioned this a couple of times before, there is merely a handful of manufacturers out there that offer processor coolers of the caliber that Noctua offers. These are the guys that make kit and gear that really stand out in the cooling arena. I consider Noctua to be a member of that small selection of top dog manufacturers that never seem to fail with their products. Ever since we got our grubby little paws on one of the first coolers they made (many years ago), we have been nothing but impressed. To date that sentiment has not changed. With every product review that passed by, ever since Noctua started making cooling solutions, the product reviews have been mentioning nothing other than quality and low noise. Noctua's heatpipe design really works well -- next to that they have a trump card --  as they have amongst the best fan designs in the business. When you start to accumulate design and innovation like that, you just know you can't go wrong with a Noctua cooler. Looking at this from Noctua's side, that must be a little weird and even complicated as it is a daunting task to uphold the level of quality and performance they have set for themselves. None the less, Noctua is trying to raise the bar even higher, with the biggest and most bad-ass cooler they have ever put on the market to date, the NH-D15.

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