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Price: 100 USD - 65 EUR

MX6 Series MX610 USB PC PLED Bay insertThe MX-6.. no, no, no... it's not a Mazda car review folks, don't get fooled here. This is the review of an actual USB PC Bay insert. And not just a flashy fan controller or something, we get to have system feedback from this device. Matrix Orbital recently released the new MX6 series PLED powered bay inserts. Featuring new PLED (polymer light emitting diodes) technology, this display will give you a 160 degree viewing angle, remarkable response time and great contrast. It has digital bay bus capabilities, temperature monitoring and programmable I/O.

I hear you say, why PLED? Because PLEDs emit their own light, they are brighter, clearer and have a virtually unlimited viewing angle. Their high contrast and wide dynamic brightness capabilities make them a better solution for night and daylight use. PLEDs have a fast image refresh rate that is maintained at low temperature, which makes them ideal for these hot PC's of ours. Because PLEDs do not require a power hungry backlight (LCD), they are energy efficient and are thinner and lighter in weight.

Next to all the display goodness the MX6 series also allows you to plug 3 fans and 4 temperature probes directly into the back of the unit for all your monitoring and cooling PC needs. Does it stop there then? Ehm, no... with the help of some innovative software this funny gadget can display a huge number of system functions. Processor speed, new email, system IP number, diskspace, RAM load, RAM usage, time/date, network information, core clock speed of your Radeon graphics card, WinAMP info and graphical equalizer and even the weather in your city. And so on and so forth. I guess it's a little difficult to completely understand all this from a few lines of text. So in the upcoming pages we'll show you everything with the help of a nice photo shoot.

Matrix Orbital ladies and gentlemen is a company with an expertise in LED based solutions. They've been at it since 1995 and built themselves quite a reputation around it. Custom displays in different shapes, sizes, colors and functions are the keyword here. Latest in their long line of products is the MX6 series, in particular the MX610.

Some functions:

  • 4 variations of bay inserts
  • Integrated 7 key front-mounted keypad
  • Variable backlight brightness
  • Custom startup/splash screen
  • Connect cooling fans to craft a digital baybus
  • Observe a mixture of system information
  • Visually pleasing addition to any workstation
  • Display News Feeds from admired websites
  • Control your MP3's without switching to the desktop
  • Multifunction, monitor information while playing a game
  • Track SETI or UD status without needing to turn on the monitor
  • Oversee Windows 2000 and Windows XP Services status

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