MSI Z270 XPOWER GAMING Titanium review

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Product Showcase 



The Z270 XPOWER Gaming Titanium is a gorgeous board to look at alright, there are some hidden extras as well, let's go check them out.


So here we see the diagnostic LED hidden away.  It will display the status/post code. Once you have booted into Windows it will display the package temperature of your processor. The board also has micro-switches, these are PEG switches so you can turn off PCI Express slots (handy with LN2 overclocking).


There is a new HUGE big rotatable button slash knob. This is an interesting one and is called the Game Boost Knob. The know allows you to manually select a stage from 0 to 11 for overclocking your processor. So increasing this know will increase the processor frequency and the cool thing is, the voltage will be automatically adjusted as well. You power off the PC, rotate the know to your preference and then start the PC.


And yes even the backside got a proper coreating with printed PCB solder traces , can anyone tell me the irony here ? :) That looks terrific though.


The Z270 Gaming series have subtle bright looks as there are LED arrays (one color (white) only)) located at the bottom side and upper covers, from top to bottom towards the audio circuitry isolation traces; up-to LED lit micro switches and even LAN ports.



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