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Performance - dGPU Extended tests GeForce GTX 1080 Extended Game performance

Performance - Extended Game performance tests 

You will have noticed the offset in the somewhat poor gaming performance - we ran out of time to track down whatever is effecting game performance. However we also realized that there are games where Ryzen performs worse than the competition in 1080p CPU bound gaming. Using fast frequency memory really helps. The story is wider, as by far not all games display this behaviour. Hence we started a new set of game benchmarks.

All games on the next two pages have PC gaming quality settings the way you play games at home and the way we test graphics cards in our reviews. Usually that is either high to ultra quality settings, depending on the game. We are using a GeForce GTX 1080 here, we feel it is the right graphics card to test with as it is more GPU bound in 2560x1440 yet more CPU bound in 1080p. These extra 1 on 1 comparisons in-between the 8-core Core i7 5960X (99% similar to the 6900K including clocks aside from slightly slower IPC), a Core i7 4790K and the Ryzen 5 and 7 processors. All processors have default clock frequencies and, where possible, XMP 2400 MHz applied on the memory with fast timings for the Intel processors. The settings used are 100% similar to what we use in our graphics card reviews, thus settings the way you game at home on your PC, normal proper quality PC gaming. 

On that note, I still need to add Kaby Lake processors. Intel halted processor sampling and media communications for the Benelux (Netherlands), hence I need to borrow some Core i5 - i7 7500/7600/7700 SKUs from board partners these days.







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