MSI Radeon RX 6950 XT Gaming X TRIO review

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GPGPU: Compute render performance

GPGPU: -  Blender and Indogo

Blender offers a wide variety of options and APIs, depending on your graphics card. We fire off a scene where we render a Classroom - we only allow the GPU to render in the benchmark application. There are API related challenges to address with Blender though:

  • AMD Radeon cards support OpenCL solely
  • NVIDIA GeForce cards up to Pascal support CUDA - but not OpenCL or Optix
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX cards based on Turing can be assigned CUDA or OptiX - but not OpenCL
In this chart above, we have enabled Optix where it could be enabled, which is the RTX series. Where OptiX is not possible we run CUDA. OpenCL is not available for GeForce cards. The Radeon graphics cards have just one option, OpenCL. Ergo we choose the fastest API available for the graphics card we test.



Due to a change in the benchmark, we are starting from scratch again with blender results.

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