MSI Radeon RX 6900 XT GAMING X TRIO review

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DX12: Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion

The London Branch of DedSec, led by Sabine Brandt and her newly crafted AI Bagley, detect armed intruders planting explosives in the Houses of Parliament. Sabine assigns DedSec operative Dalton Wolfe to defuse the bombs. Although he manages to have some success, he quickly learns that the intruders are from a rogue hacker group called "Zero Day", who seek to prevent his interference. Learning that DedSec has been attacked, causing Sabine to go underground and shutting down Bagley, Dalton attempt to complete his mission. We test with the internal benchmark at ultra quality settings.




Watch Dogs: Legion Hybrid Raytracing ON 


Once we compare the two brands with each other, we can see that NVIDIA has the best papers for anything DX-R related. Of course in the chart above DLSS for NVIDIA is disabled. The 6900 XT can manage at 2560x1440 at a 56 FPS average. Close to 3080 though the 3090 definitely have the best cards.

Note: once we finished our benchmark run a new update for this title was released. Something went belly-up there as Raytracing performance caved in with a third on average. We're monitoring this. For now, we listed the pre-update results to be fair to AMD, but also want to be open and transparent about what we ran into.

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