MSI MEG X570 Unify review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase





Check the heatsinks and that dark overall look, pretty cool design. Take note of the metal covers on the primary x16 PCI-Express slots as they show off a bit. They provide sturdier and stronger slots, handy for very heavy graphics cards. 




Obviously the elephant in the room, the X570 motherboards mostly all have an active fan for the chipset. This MSI one I rate as very completely silent as it was passive pretty all the time. Only during bootup, you'll hear it for a couple of seconds, and that was it. Most manufacturers will also offer RPM settings available from the BIOS to regulate this at your preference.



Underneath the VRM heatsinks, the power demands of higher core counts are dealt with 6+2 (real) phases IR digital VRM. You'll get two 8-pin power headers, you could use just one of course.




The audio chip used is the Realtek ALC1220 that offers 7.1-channel High Definition audio. The board supports Optical S/PDIF output. 


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