MSI GeForce N260GTX Lightning 1792 MB review

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MSI N260GTX Lightning 1792 MB BE


MSI N260 GTX Lightning Black edition

The cooling design is what MSI calls the Twin Frozr cooling system (two fans/five heatpipes). It's mounted onto the GPU really secure and they are using manually applied thermal paste. As our tests wil show, the cooler is just awesome.

MSI N260 GTX Lightning Black edition

Flat on his back we can see how distinctive the design really is. Of course the card has SLI fingers/connectors. For NVIDIA 1+1=3. With two SLI fingers NVIDIA allows you to hook up and go for three-way SLI.

MSI N260 GTX Lightning Black edition

You'll need two 6-pin power connectors. Typically at least one is located at your power supply. The more modern ones will have two. Board partners will also include one or two 6-pin to Molex power converters in the bundle. But remember, you do need to hook up both in order for the card to even work.

The GTX 200 series graphics cards have integrated HDMI support. Using a certified DVI-to-HDMI adapter in conjunction with the on-board S/PDIF audio connector, the GeForce GTX 260 is capable of full HDMI sound output via the DVI connector.

However, you'll need to lead a 2-pin wire from your soundcard or motherboard S/PDIF connector to the white 2-pin connector to the right.

MSI N260 GTX Lightning Black edition

All the way at the back of the card we spot several tapping points. These are the voltage measure points (V-check points). You can a Multimeter to check the current GPU/Memory voltage on what MSI calls V-Check Point.

Unfortunately to the left you can see this big'ass metal chunk of a heatsink, blocking the memory voltage check point a little. No worries though, next photo.

MSI N260 GTX Lightning Black edition

Just use the backside. Mind you that if you never used a Multimeter on hardware before, you probably want to leave this feature for what it is okay? True geek stuff.

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