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FCAT Frame Experience Analysis - BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite Frame Experience Analysis


Above, a percentile chart of the 30 seconds @ 2560x1440. Here we plot FPS and place it in relation to percentiles. This methodology could be used to determine average FPS as well.

Check the 50% marker:

  • GeForce GTX 750 Ti does roughly 28 FPS on average in this scene sequence

But now let's look at frame latency.


On this 30 second run the graphics cards all manage a good result. Despite one or two very small spikes we cannot detect a glitch or stutter that is significant or long-lasting. For those that do not understand what you are looking at, the above is a game-time scene recorded for 30 seconds. 

With this chart, lower = better. Huge spikes above 40ma - 50ms can be considered a problem like a stutter or indicate a low framerate. And yes, the GTX 750 Ti is at high latency, that indicates a low framerate, but remember this is measured at 2560x1440. That is not the resolution intended for a card like this. Absolutely no worries.


And again we see that in an FPS plot, BioShock at 2560x1440 stays at roughly 30 FPS for the majority of the scene time recorded.

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