Minisforum HM80 (Ryzen 4800U) mini PC review

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Size matters

When we flip the unit around we see a small mini-pc of its kind, it measures only 15 x 15 x 5.5cm in size and weighs 500g only. At the bottom you'll see rubber pads, next to each one is a screw that needs to come out if we want to open it up.





The unit has two 8Gb DIMMs confirmed as dual-channel, rated 3200 MHz, at CL22 it's rather slow memory though.




Here you can observe the M2.SSD, a thermal prove is leading to it, they covered it nicely with a small heatsink. 




Inside the bottom shell you can mount up to two 2.5" storage units (sata3), you mount them secure with the bracket shown.



Then once seated you connect a SATA3 wire towards a really tiny connector on the PCB. It works beautifully really.

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