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Final Words & Conclusion

Final Words & Conclusion

The Lian Li SP750 is a welcome comeback for this firm to the power supply market, and it does it in the SFX format this time. Helly Technology's platform was a success, as was the company's platform. The brushed aluminum enclosure and sleeved module cables add to the overall aesthetics of the device. The internals appears to be in good condition. A 5-year warranty is provided with the item. It's an 80 Plus Gold certified power supply, which is a common choice for, let's say, mid-tier systems (or even higher) from the consumer's perspective (in terms of efficiency versus the cost of the unit). The 750 W option should be sufficient for the vast majority of customers who just have a single graphics card in their system. In practice, even a configuration such as the one utilized in this test (i9 10850K + Geforce RTX 2080 Ti) seldom draws more than 400 W of electricity in total.


Everything looks OK on the quality front, and the stability testing went well as well. The load regulation is excellent, and there was no discernible droop on the +5V and +12V rails during testing. The suppression of ripples is within acceptable limits. The 92 mm fan performs mediocrely in its capacity. It becomes audible around 50-60 percent load, indicating that there is still space for improvement (maybe in a subsequent revision?). It would have been preferable to have used an FDB from Globe Fan or Hong Hua, rather than Yate Loon, because the latter does not always produce high-quality results. You'll find a good assortment of supplies in the box, including mounting screws, a power wire, and an instruction booklet (so a rather typical set).



A word about efficiency

Same as with any other power supply, 50% of the maximum load is where the device is most efficient. The sweet spot of the Lian Li SP750 is a bit over 92.5% (at 230 Volts). In the case of this particular unit, half of the maximum wattage is 375 W. The average gaming PC with a single graphics card (at least those usually spotted in Steam hardware polls) won’t exceed this value under normal conditions. Don’t overestimate the savings (on your electricity bill) that you can make by going from 80 Plus Bronze to even Titanium. You can assume that the build quality of more expensive PSUs will be higher, but the differences in efficiency are not that significant. So, summing it up, an 80 Plus Gold PSU like the Lian Li SP750 reviewed here is a good enough solution. The price is about 139.99 USD for the 750 W variant, which is reasonable for the SFX PSU.


When it comes to stability, there isn't much to say. The voltages remain stable, and this does not alter even when the load is increased. For dual-GPU configurations using cards such as the Nvidia Geforce GTX/RTX 1080/2080 or a single GPU such as the RTX 3080, the 750 W version should be more plenty.


With its all-black cabling and attractive brushed aluminum body, this Lian Li power supply is a lovely addition to any room. The modular cable design of the SP750 allows you to connect in only the leads that you require, which will undoubtedly improve the aesthetics of your build. Additionally, the installation process is made much simpler as a result of this.

Final words

The SP750 is available for purchase for 139.99 USD, which is a reasonable price. The interior of the unit is all black. In any case, it will most likely be hidden under the chassis shroud, so this isn't a major consideration. It has mediocre acoustics (could be a little better at 50 percent or more load) but good build quality and a reasonable price. According to the requirements, the efficiency is exactly what it should be in order to receive the 80 Plus Gold certification. In addition, you get a 5-year warranty, which is a terrific deal in this price range. What do you think we should do? Perhaps a fan with a Fluid Dynamic Bearing from a different manufacturer would be preferable? Also, if the fan curve is configured to be less aggressive, it is possible that the semi-passive mode will be more prevalent in this situation. Overall, we believe that this PSU is deserving of the "Approved" designation. Despite the fact that it has a very noisy fan, there is nothing else about this power supply that distinguishes it from the competition in a bad way. The total package is satisfactory, and that is all there is to it.
This device checks off all of the most significant boxes, yet it falls short of receiving a recommended or top pick award due to the fan and noise curve that was employed in its construction, but approved it is most definitely.


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